Hi, My name is Amber and I need your help!

Hello Beautiful Humans! 

We are fundraising for our sweet furbaby Amber! When Amber was a puppy she had surgery on her legs due to a car hitting her. She had plates installed in her legs to help with the healing; unfortunately the plates that  were supposed to be healing are now causing her extreme pain and her body is rejecting them. Her legs are constantly bleeding, and causing her pain. Although she is in severe pain this baby girl is a strong sweet huskita who continues to live her life, love and play! Amber really wants to be able to play, for longer periods of time, with her brother Bodhi and other fur friends. The surgery to have the plates removed cost $5,000 but the vet said if we can put $3,000 down we can get on a payment plan to pay the rest and get her in for the removal of the plates. This is where we kindly ask you beautiful humans if you can make a donation to her gofundme page, so that she can get the plates removed and be on her way to stronger legs!!! She just wants to continue to live her best doggy life and not be in pain anymore. We love her so much  and are working hard to get the funds together for her! Much love and respect to you! Again we thank you with our entire heart and being, in helping us help our furbaby Amber! A small green rectangle to divide sections of the document

Thank You So Much!