He slowly creeps up at the most unwanted times, but he is never wanted. I don’t invite him in, he just comes and goes as he pleases. Leaving me tired, exhausted, sore, and alone. When I’m happy and ready to go out for some fun  and good company, he suddenly comes back into my life, holds me back and doesn’t want me to go, so I don’t. I stay home again, alone. I do not welcome this guest inside of me, I do not like what he does or how he makes me feel. See, this guest is a terrible thing and he wants to hold me back from everything I want to do and see. I’m not the only one he haunts, holds and needs but at times, I am his prisoner. But this guest is no longer welcome, see his name is anxiety, and I’m ready to break free. We have had a long relationship; one that is not healthy. A battle of light and dark, that is inside of me. The shivers, shakes, the hurting and everything  else in between. But I couldn’t take his abuse anymore, it was him or my fucking sanity.  And at times it’s really hard, to escape his haunting hold but all I have to do, is use the power of my remedy, that releases me from his hold.

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