Let Me Be Your Canvas

As I stand here in front of you with my naked body, you observe my temple and it’s curves. The luminous glow from the moon radiates behind me, and you tell me, so charmingly, how beautiful the silhouette of my body looks against the light. Stunned by your beautifully spoken words, I’am speechless. You enhance the goddess inside of me, who is dying to be released from the cage that holds her within; my thoughts and feelings become so deep, and real, but are stuck behind my tongue. Being the artist that you are, all I want to say to you is, “Let me be your canvas. I want to feel your soul unravel through the painted strokes on my naked body. With every movement you make, I want to feel the pain you have endured, as you tell me your past, secrets, and troubles. Release them onto my body, and when your masterpiece is complete, we will both observe and feel your story together. From the flowing lines against my curves, to the dramatic tone you have created. And as you, as my artist and I, as your canvas, we will wash it away together, and begin a new piece. Let me be your canvas.


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