Mental Illness

I’ve been living in a darkness you see, mental illness it’s a part of me; though you may look at me and not see, the depression and anxiety, but mental illness doesn’t have a look, so don’t judge by the cover, read the book. Hear my story, listen to my thoughts; I’m not the only one who has fought the battle that goes on in my head with the voice who sometimes wishes I was dead. Now, I may have mentioned depression and anxiety but sometimes there are suicidal tendencies, that creep their way into the party, and take over my mind and my body. A puppeteer to the sadness and it all; I asked the blade to come back and join us, this time to cut the strings, so that I can rise up when I fall. No longer the assistant but the magician, like Hudini these thoughts are disappearin; as I speak up and share how I feel, Damn this mental illness is the real fucking deal.

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