Welcome Back Jack

Welcome back Jack, It’s been quite a while since we have last played together and you feel just as I remember. The warmth down my throat, and the everlasting taste, that lingers on my red-stained lips; wanting more because I can’t have just one. Well, that wouldn’t be right, so I order another. Welcome back Jack, you feel so familiar; It’s like you never left, and your kiss, well it lingers; and I can’t have just two, so a third one makes it’s round. Ahhhh, this is why I left you because you pin me to the ground. Welcome back Jack, the red-stained lips are smeared now and my mascara is running wild; this is why I left you, but I can’t have just three, so I down another one. Oh, how it feels to have you back Jack, how I have not missed this and your whiskey lingering kiss; this is why I left you, I’m on the ground now. What’s that you say, it’s time for numbing now? Welcome back Jack, it’s been quite the reunion but not good enough, so you invite the blade fool in. Well, this is a threesome I have had a few times before, welcome back Jack; 1,2,3 cuts, 4 but that’s not enough, so just a couple more. Welcome back Jack, I see why I left you; you beat me and beat me, even when I say no more, but who am I kidding, I’ll have just one more.

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