America The Illusion

Eerie sounds, Eerie place; I see the darkness and the rat race; wear this mask, go in this way, come out the other, STAY 6ft APART and keep distance from each other! I see the pawns more clearly then ever, the board game is getting louder and it’s getting heavier; on my heart where I feel and see the worlds pain, in so many eyes of the humans who walk by; do they know how worthy they are and that their existence matters? I see the darkness, I see the light, it’s tough being in limbo and seeing this sight, that I see with my new pair of eyes that are constantly changing and seeing the lies; of society that gets bestowed upon us, since the day we are born they start placing us in boxes; shutting us in tight and shunning those who are different and stand up for what’s right. I don’t know about you but I feel I’m going crazy, this world that we live in? well, it’s a lie and it’s shady. There is children sex trafficking and children  locked in cages, there are rapists and  murderers on politician stages, where they lie and perform the greatest schemes, telling you to sit down. stay home.shut up. keep your eyes glued to the screen; where they brainwash you more to keep you quiet, afraid and out of the scene. If any one dares to stand up, fight and question, the Government and Law, they take out their weapons at first call, they flash the RED WHITE AND BLUE lights, cause there is no justice or freedom for all in this “Land of the free,” it’s just an illusion, can’t you see?

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