Candlelight Body Appreciation

Candle lighting is one of the most beautiful types of lighting against the skin and for photos. It just sets a romantic relaxing mood whether you are with someone or by your self. The way it glows and flickers against the naked body is one of my favorite things to watch, appreciate and feel. It’s also a great way to fall in love and appreciate your own body. Light a candle and put it near your body;Just really take in everything you are feeling and seeing as the light flickers against your curves and plays with you. It’s quite enjoyable, beautiful, transcending and a great exercise of self love and body appreciation, from what I’ve gathered. In addition, beautiful pianos and relaxing sounds playing in the background sets the mood and appreciation even more! 🌻🦋 Furthermore I feel it is a beautiful, and an empowering thing when a woman is so comfortable, and vulnerable sharing her body and appreciating it especially when it has been taken away by men who have raped her, and society trying to place women in a box. Us women know we are more then just our bodies so when men body shame and make comments like “all women think they are just their bodies,” well that’s your fucked perception of women and it needs to stop. We already know we are more then just our bodies and are powerful fucking beautiful creatures who are learning to love and appreciate our bodies always and in all ways and we don’t need your brainwashed egotistical opinions when it come to our bodies. Men shouldn’t be body shaming such beautiful goddess beings who bleed every month and also have the power to create a life inside their bodies. When women tell you no it doesn’t mean yes, admire us from a far and if you’re going to be that asshole who body shames, tell women what they should wear or how to act then you don’t deserve a fucking goddess at all. Here is to self love, self empowerment, appreciating and falling In Love with your body always and in all ways, taking back your body from men who took it from you and made you feel ashamed of It and your Devine feminine power.🌻

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